3 Tips When Buying Solar Panels

Solar power interest has been progressing for decades. Initially, solar energy was introduced for the purpose of producing steam to run equipment. Henri Becquerel discovered the "photovoltaic effect", or the adaptation of sunlight, once this was done solar electric energy was born. In 1893, basing on Becquerel's findings, Charles Fritts invented the first authentic solar cell which was produced by covering sheets of selenium with a thin film of gold.
This underestimated start established the standards for our up to date solar panels. Given the never ending supply of energy from the sun, we are able to build power via solar panels and then distribute it to the necessary users. One solar panel alone will not produce enough power to feed several systems. Considering this, a number of units will likely be required. We will be offering a few pointers to enable you to make a good decision when you are looking into solar panels and what will work for your situation.
Be Smart: If you want to get a solar panel system for your recreational vehicle, make sure you do your research before you pay any money. Your first stop would be browsing on the websites offering RV solar panels. Look at what other customers are saying to make sure you want to invest with this company or brand. This info is almost always located at the end of the webpage. After reading these testimonials, you will have a better understanding of which products and companies are actually reputable. This type of information usually give you a heads up in regard to where the deals are and which products the most reliable for your money.
solar power system
Warrantees and How Long It Will Last: Any investment that you make should not only be guaranteed, but should be constructed to last. The first reason is that if the solar panel you purchased comes only with a 10 year warranty and it is operated in a grid connect system, you would expect the solar panel to give off enough power to pay for itself within the 10 year period. If you had to use your solar panel, and it was critical and important to do so, and if it failed, it would be obvious that the money that you spent was wasted on the system. At the very least, the best solar panels will have a 25 year warranty on them. Remember that a warranty is only as good as long as the company is around; in essence, a 25 year warranty is no good on a company that fizzled out 10 years before it expired. Always look for companies that have a proven track record, and have been around for several years before spending your money. You must find a retailer to get your solar panels from as manufacturers will not sell them to you direct. Only deal with a retail company that employs a solar panel specialist that works with the manufacturer directly; this will help you get replacement solar panels much more rapidly.
How Much Wattage: The cost of installing solar panels, specifically their individual cost, is reflective of their output of electrical wattage. In regard to their electrical output measured in wattage, a 100 W panel should produce 100 W of electricity each and every hour. A when you are buying these solar panels, a 100 watt panel will cost twice as much as a 200 W. With the continuing advancement in technology of solar power, more ways to use the sun will be developed. There will come a day when we will look back and wonder why it took so long to take advantage of the sun.

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